isn’t that lovely? it starts off all dark and shadowy, but then tapers off into a silvery, sugary word.

i think that the word “bittersweet” is a beautiful analogy for life. there’s darkness, yes. lot’s of it. and the thing about darkness is that it doesn’t let you see. it blinds you with inky swirls that creep into your heart and mind, turning everything to rust and ruin.

and when you’re swallowed by suffocating shadows, it’s very hard to see the light. little pinpricks of sparkling incandescence are scattered among the darkness, nearly impossible to see, but there all the same.

so you hope.

when you’re blinded by shadow, you hope for light. and hoping for light strikes up a spark in your heart, and then suddenly you are the source of your own light. hope is similar to gravity, in a way. the stardust was already there, but the gravity pulled it together, turning extraterrestrial dirt into diamonds of the heavens. similarly, the light was already present, but the hope drew it into you.

without darkness, there cannot be light. without yin, there cannot be yang. without you, there simply can’t be a me.

aren’t we just reflections of the ones around us? haven’t our stories been written by a million faceless souls? isn’t every breath we take shared with those surrounding us?

i’ll leave you with this last thought-

you can make friends with the shadows,
or you can pray for the light-
both are the two sides of a coin,
and who’s to decide which is right?


hey! sorry, this piece was too short. i know. tried to make it longer, but it ruins the effect.

“only few words can say alot.” -Ananya Aggarwal.

well, i’ll be out now. i was supposed to be studying for my 102384093 tests when i was writing this, so i guess i’ll be burning the midnight oil today!

don’t hesitate to tell me what you think. thanks for reading.

love always,

Published by girrrrrl_of_two_worlds

hi! just a nerdy girl here. lover of science, english and learning on the whole. spreading knowledge is one of my favorite things to do! nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less. ~marie curie

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