diminishing verse- an attempt, pt. 2!

hi there!

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how are you guys?

i’m back again with some diminishing verse- but i’ve found a different word. hopefully it’ll turn out better… fingers crossed! you can check out my first attempt here.



rivulets flow, twining around each other- a fluid, graceful pleat,
bubbling and gurgling, they glide briskly along the leat,
the mill awaits their arrival; hungering, ready to eat.


okay so you’re probably like-

i understand. the poem makes absolutely 0 sense unless one understands the context first.


first off- a “pleat” is a fancy way of saying “fold”. here’s a picture to make life easier-

you get what i mean now? just comparing the way that the rivulets flow to pleats.

a “leat” is a waterway of sorts-

it’s a really posh, top-notch synonym for aqueduct. or canal. the word “leat” is British in origin. leats were dug to supply water to ponds, mills, or other such areas. hence the last line- “the mill awaits their arrival; hungering, ready to eat.” in the olden days, mills were often powered by the churning of water- an ancient form of hydroelectricity/hydropower, one might say.

you’re probably still confused about the last line… you know how a person eats? that’s how they get energy, right? since the mills were water-powered, they were waiting to “eat” the water. it’s a personification of sorts.

so, yeah. my advise is to read the poem over so that it’ll {hopefully} make more sense.


tell me what you think, okay? ALL criticism/improvements/comments are welcome. don’t hold back!

thanks for reading. see y’all next week!

love always,

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