She, The Guardian

The lady sighed softly, watching the dimensions unfurl in her palms. She was so tired. She just wanted another chance at life, even if it meant being a cog in the wheel of reality. She wanted to feel the weight of air upon her head, wanted to feel the soft veil of light swishing across her vision, wanted to feel the caressing heat of the sun on her skin again. She wanted to live, not exist as a shell.

But she needed somebody else to entrust the weight of these dimensions to. Beautiful as they were, they were no small burden. She needed someone who had the strength to exist alone for millennia, until they forgot what blue looked liked, until they forgot what a laugh sounded like, until they forgot what food smelled like, just as she had.

She breathed in deeply, and peered through the layers of light and shadows cupped in her hand, trying to pass some time by counting how many dimensions there were. Try as she might, she always failed or gave up. There were too many dimensions. Some bubbled up just as she finished totalling everything, some fizzled away a millisecond after popping into existence, and some simply merged or multiplied, releasing great waves of energy and light that would have The Guardian squinting and blinking.

The lady huffed and set the dimensions down, getting up and stretching languorously. She ran her hands over the skin on her face, wishing for a mirror so she knew what she looked like. She had asked whichever few souls had visited to describe her, and they had all said different things. One had said that she had blue eyes and cropped black hair, another said that she had sharp, elvin ears and dark skin. A third had said that she had a milky complexion with soft grey eyes. She eventually stopped wasting her time and energy on a task so impossible.

The Guardian sighed again, picking the dimensions back up, and continued her endless search.


used caps lock for this because i felt like it was required.

eh. it’s pretty okay. i’m not proud of it, but a girl has to post ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

have a good day! tell me what you think, okay? and if you have any advise/improvements, PLEASE let me know. i need to rewrite this… thing.

adios, folks.


everyone go listen to this song called “Kyon” by Sunidhi Chauhan and Pritam Chakraborty… it’s super old, but lately i’ve been playing this on loop. here’s the link.

last thing- happy Gandhi Jayanti!!!

love always,

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14 thoughts on “She, The Guardian

  1. Heyyyyyyyy…..this is soooo beautiful!!!! I truly adore this piece!!!!!! It is really gorgeous!!!❤❤❤😍😍😍
    Somehow I haven’t heard that song…..or maybe I have but I didn’t know the name?🤔😂 so I’ll listen to it today!

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