lo and behold- here is the much awaited, worth-a-read bit of prose. at last, the Gods have showered Their eternal blessings upon my soul.

{yeah, as if i have a soul}

anyways, i hope you like it. it took a while to write, but i’m proud of the way it’s turned out.

also, quick note- according to a quick google search, the strongest metal on earth is, in fact, tungsten. that’s why i titled this piece tungsten and not titanium. i’m sure titanium would have made a more poetic and lyrical title, but i prefer to stick to my facts… xD!



Omar jumped when she spoke. No jokes- he thought that she was a statue. Or an automaton. Or some sort of robot. Not a living, breathing, sentient creature.

He was neither irrational nor alone in thinking that Tabia wasn’t human. Everyone in the room jumped when her voice rang out. It was pleasant to listen to- smooth, with every syllable carefully enunciated. Her K’s and were burnished little clicks, her R’s were rolled effortlessly off her tongue- like the whirring of an electric fan, and her S’s were suave hisses.

But that was where the pleasantries ended.

The rest of her was unbelievably harsh- not rough, but honed. Tabia’s features looked like they’d been carved onto her face with a knife- the whites of her eyes contrasted starkly with her black pupils and her deep brown skin. Her nose was sharp and Nubian, and her jaw almost seemed like a carefully whetted weapon- distinct, mordant.

Even her posture and stance was that of a robot- as though someone had shoved a metal bar where a softly curving spine should be. Tabia’s shoulders were snapped back, her chin parallel to the ground, arms almost glued to her sides. It was as if liquid metal ran through her veins, and not blood- unyielding and strong. Muscle had roped it’s way under every inch of her mahogany skin- wrapped itself around her arms, snaked its way over her shoulders, slid over her thighs and calves.

“Any questions?”

Omar shrank behind a tall, burly girl. Tabia’s metallic gaze was sweeping over the assembled crowd, almost daring them to ask a question. The girl Omar was cowering behind raised her hand slowly, slowly. Tabia cocked an eyebrow- she seemed slightly amused by this girl’s brazenness.

“Tell me.”

The girl mumbled something unintelligible. “Repeat yourself,” Tabia remarked sharply. “And look me in the eye when you speak.”

“I said, ‘What is your weapon of choice?'”

Tabia slowly reached upwards, and pulled out one of the metal beads that was wrapped around the braids woven in her hair.

And then she crushed it. Omar wasn’t surprised at the fact that she could casually crush beads made of metal with two fingers, but at the purple drops that leaked out of the ruined remains of the bead.

Tabia smiled- and it was a terrifying, terrifying thing. Omar had a feeling that nightmares would haunt him tonight.



okay, quick warning- i think i may begin using caps lock for all prose now. i don’t know. i’ll have to see.

that aside- how was it?? first bit of prose in weeks, so i’m a bit *winks* rusty. {tell me you understood the pun tell me you understood the pun tell me you understood the pun}.

okay, bye!!

love always,

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