The word echoed around in her skull, her drugged mind slowly awakening.


Her eyes opened, her vision and sight sharper and clearer- she could feel thread in the blanket covering her body, hear the rasping of the sheets against her skin. She felt lighter than ever- her saggy skin once again stretched out taut over her bones, smells that she could never register before assailing her nostrils, the rolls of fat around her stomach and arms smoothed away to muscle. Her wispy white curls were again bouncing in all their black glory, her murky grey eyes restored to their original sharp color; which was akin to the heart of a storm cloud.

The woman elegantly rose out of the bed, no longer hobbling, but walking with the grace of her youth- like that of a trained dancer. It was almost as if some invisible puppeteer were guiding her through the motions- the gentle swishes of her thin fingers, the tentative sway of her legs, the unfolding of her arms as they swung back and forth. Her wily smile had returned- luscious pink lips stretching out over teeth that were no longer resembled little yellow stubs, but were instead blindingly white and sharper than a razor.


What had they done?


Well, I wrote this piece a couple years ago, stumbled across it on my laptop, hated it, and was immediately compelled to rework it.


You’re probably wondering about the f-1(x) bit. f-1(x) means, “the inverse of the function f”. and since this whole piece revolves around inversion, I got a little mathematical and included inverse functions…¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Okay, I’ll stop. Tell me what you think in the comments!! I have a sudden craving for those synthetic orange sweets; you know, the type rolled in confectioner’s sugar, chewy, an orange so bright it could blind you?? Could probably give you diabetes??

Yeah. Those ones. I’ll go satiate my cravings, now. Bye!!

Quick Update {Three Hours Later}:

NONE of the shops here stock that kind of candy. Ate aampapad instead, which is basically an Indian version- made with dried mango paste and sugar water. Mmmmmm…

love always,

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PariS/Peanut/pbs/raven/SG/gotw (yeah lotta names... pick one and jog with the blog): - Fangirl Supreme™ - Chocolate, book and travel addict :)))) - Could get paid to eat. No jokes. - Part time job as the grammar and science fact police... - Science nerd, blogger and occasional poet. - Loves M&Ms, memes and monkey bars. - Dresses in ALOT of shirts. - Indian teenager. - Slightly insane, but that's okay. Amirite? - NGOist: www.fighthebite.org - A little too sarcastic, laughs alot, will quote Vines, memes and songs at you all the time. (∩`-´)⊃━☆゚.*・。゚ Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less. ~Marie Curie

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