Pen and Paper

AGH I switched to no caps lock for this poem OOF sorry

Also I do not like this poem but I had to post today… Feedback please?? Improvements etc.


i come armed with pen and paper,
ready to wage a war,
with my woe, wit and whimsy-
a battle is what i’m made for.

do your best, and i’ll do better-
knock you over with just a word,
do your worst, and i’ll come at you-
hurtling on, undeterred.

speaking in rhyming riddles,
have i managed to outwit you?
dodging your angered, deadly blows-
-for intellect is a shield used by few.

i come armed with pen and paper-
for i do not need a sword,
my words were deadlier than your blade-
and now i’ve got you floored.


…Yeah. Bye!!

love always,

Published by peanutbuttersandwiches_

PariS/Peanut/pbs/raven/SG/gotw (yeah lotta names... pick one and jog with the blog): - Fangirl Supreme™ - Chocolate, book and travel addict :)))) - Could get paid to eat. No jokes. - Part time job as the grammar and science fact police... - Science nerd, blogger and occasional poet. - Loves M&Ms, memes and monkey bars. - Dresses in ALOT of shirts. - Indian teenager. - Slightly insane, but that's okay. Amirite? - NGOist: - A little too sarcastic, laughs alot, will quote Vines, memes and songs at you all the time. (∩`-´)⊃━☆゚.*・。゚ Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less. ~Marie Curie

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