Candle – The Lighting Stick — Kim’s Magic {Wordy Wednesdays}

Hi, guys!! How are you’ll?? Couldn’t have Wordy Wednesdays last week, sorry…

This week, though, I’ve found a REALLY great poem. It’s called “Candle- The Lighting Stick” by kimmagic@Kim’s Magic!!

I loved all the visual and olfactory imagery, and it’s amazing how you managed to pull it off with such a difficult rhyme scheme!! The last stanza was just 🔥🔥🔥

Great going, Kim!!! :))))

Sitting by the tabletop, patient for you to pick,You incline towards my wick,With an illuminated stick,You set me on fire,Oh my!! The consequences are dire!! I’m engulfed by this enchanting flame,Sanity I must reclaim,Ignited by this, I’m in a frenzy,You look at me with impatience and envy, All of a sudden you take a sniff,What […]

Candle – The Lighting Stick — Kim’s Magic

love always,

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