Oppidan + An Announcement

Hey, guys!! How are you’ll???

Before the poem, I’ll just get on with the announcement- I’ll be on hiatus till the 11th of December. One word- exams…

And now, the poem-


The streetlights shine- a sickly pale yellow,
Producing an artificial day,
Aren’t cities a place of wealth and prosperity?
At least- that’s what they say.

Overflowing dustbins line the pavements,
And electric poles seem to grow from the ground,
Wires creep across grey buildings,
And there’s honking madness all around.

The smog drifts with the acrid breeze,
Whispering stories of stars that once shone,
Why am I stuck in this concrete jungle?
Where have the real trees gone?


Ah, well… I’ve gotten a bit tired of Mumbai lately. I’m grateful for many things about this city but… After the Diwali celebrations and firecracker bursting, the smog was so thick that my eyes burned and my throat itched. I couldn’t leave the house.

Mumbai’s situation has gotten worse over the years. I’ve lived here all my life, and I’ve watched the city fall apart in terms of the environment. The pollution hasn’t ever been so bad as it’s been this year. In the “winter”, grey smoke settles along the skyline ‘cos of the cold, and it’s so hazy you can’t even see the buildings. The sea threw up tons of plastic in the monsoon flooding, and there’s so much light pollution at night that I don’t even have to bother with house lights to be able to see clearly.

Just to see if the light pollution was really that bad, I once studied by my window from 10pm to 11pm without any lights. As a joke almost… And I could see fine. Didn’t even hafta strain my eyes- the blue color of the ink stood out, the white of the paper, neon yellow highlighter. Everything was clear.

People are just… destroying the environment. I sound preachy, I know- but the issue is serious.

Anyway, I’m just tired now. There has to be a way to sustainably develop- actually, no- there is a way. But we aren’t choosing right. We’re just exploiting and exploiting and exploiting, and I’m tired.

Yeah. Sorry for this rant.

stay sticky,

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7 thoughts on “Oppidan + An Announcement

    1. I’ll be back soon- not to worry :)))
      Mumbai’s populations stands at roughly 21.7 million, so the pollution is just terrible. All day. Every day. We have it better than Delhi, though. Delhi has some serious smog- cos of slash and burn and also cos they’re landlocked. Mumbai’s by the sea, so the breeze lifts some smog- but really, Delhi’s pollution is awful.

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