November Waits [two haiku] — the blighters rock {Wordy Wednesdays}

Hey there!! How are you guys? Last week, I introduced a new blog section- Wordy Wednesdays. Well, welcome to Pt. 2 of Wordy Wednesdays. I stumbled upon this AWESOME haiku on the blighters rock… read it- it’s amazing!! Short and minimalistic, but the images that popped into my head were Vivid™. Anyways, hope you likeContinue reading “November Waits [two haiku] — the blighters rock {Wordy Wednesdays}”

Recently Read Reviews!!

I know, I know- crappy title, but I tried some alliteration. Today, we’ll be reviewing 7 books!! BUT BEFORE WE BEGIN Let’s just put two things out there- 1) I’m taking a leaf outta someone’s book. That someone being Evin@A Wanderful Life and A Curly Sue’s Ramblings. Check out both blogs, they’re awesome! Thanks toContinue reading “Recently Read Reviews!!”

Cobblestoned Streets — Magic and Mirage {Wordy Wednesdays}

Hi, guys!! So, I’m thinking of a new blog section… Wordy Wednesdays. Whenever I think there’s a blogger who wrote a really great bit of poetry/prose or something similar, I just go ahead and reblog it!! {With permission, of course} Anyway, it probably won’t be a weekly thing. Here’s today’s reblog! It’s a really reallyContinue reading “Cobblestoned Streets — Magic and Mirage {Wordy Wednesdays}”


lo and behold- here is the much awaited, worth-a-read bit of prose. at last, the Gods have showered Their eternal blessings upon my soul. {yeah, as if i have a soul} anyways, i hope you like it. it took a while to write, but i’m proud of the way it’s turned out. also, quick note-Continue reading “tungsten.”


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