The Price of the Pandemic- An Article

Hey there!! So, today I’ll be sharing my article for the newsletter which was written by me in September. It didn’t get published, but that’s okay! You can check out the one for August here {this one got published} ***** ***** THE PRICE OF THE PANDEMIC: The 30th of January, 2020 was the beginning ofContinue reading “The Price of the Pandemic- An Article”

November Waits [two haiku] — the blighters rock {Wordy Wednesdays}

Hey there!! How are you guys? Last week, I introduced a new blog section- Wordy Wednesdays. Well, welcome to Pt. 2 of Wordy Wednesdays. I stumbled upon this AWESOME haiku on the blighters rock… read it- it’s amazing!! Short and minimalistic, but the images that popped into my head were Vivid™. Anyways, hope you likeContinue reading “November Waits [two haiku] — the blighters rock {Wordy Wednesdays}”

Recently Read Reviews!!

I know, I know- crappy title, but I tried some alliteration. Today, we’ll be reviewing 7 books!! BUT BEFORE WE BEGIN Let’s just put two things out there- 1) I’m taking a leaf outta someone’s book. That someone being Evin@A Wanderful Life and A Curly Sue’s Ramblings. Check out both blogs, they’re awesome! Thanks toContinue reading “Recently Read Reviews!!”

Cobblestoned Streets — Magic and Mirage {Wordy Wednesdays}

Hi, guys!! So, I’m thinking of a new blog section… Wordy Wednesdays. Whenever I think there’s a blogger who wrote a really great bit of poetry/prose or something similar, I just go ahead and reblog it!! {With permission, of course} Anyway, it probably won’t be a weekly thing. Here’s today’s reblog! It’s a really reallyContinue reading “Cobblestoned Streets — Magic and Mirage {Wordy Wednesdays}”


what sound does a star make when it dies?is it a haunting scream- or a soft sigh?their lights fizzle out, burning slowly,leaving behind a darkened sky. the heavens would be deathly silent,devoid of the song the stars once sang,but science can tell us what really happens-it’s a supernova- and a loud bang! ***** eh. i’mContinue reading “supernova!”

She, The Guardian

The lady sighed softly, watching the dimensions unfurl in her palms. She was so tired. She just wanted another chance at life, even if it meant being a cog in the wheel of reality. She wanted to feel the weight of air upon her head, wanted to feel the soft veil of light swishing acrossContinue reading “She, The Guardian”

diminishing verse- an attempt, pt. 2!

hi there! how are you guys? i’m back again with some diminishing verse- but i’ve found a different word. hopefully it’ll turn out better… fingers crossed! you can check out my first attempt here. 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼 ***** rivulets flow, twining around each other- a fluid, graceful pleat,bubbling and gurgling, they glide briskly along the leat,the millContinue reading “diminishing verse- an attempt, pt. 2!”

an attempt at diminishing verse poetry

hey! i’ve been eyeing this style for a while, but had no idea what to do. diminishing verse poetry is basically where the last word of each line adds up to a larger word. an example to make life easier- _ the first word would be smallthen followed by malland lastly, all. _ the attemptContinue reading “an attempt at diminishing verse poetry”

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