what sound does a star make when it dies?is it a haunting scream- or a soft sigh?their lights fizzle out, burning slowly,leaving behind a darkened sky. the heavens would be deathly silent,devoid of the song the stars once sang,but science can tell us what really happens-it’s a supernova- and a loud bang! ***** eh. i’mContinue reading “supernova!”

diminishing verse- an attempt, pt. 2!

hi there! how are you guys? i’m back again with some diminishing verse- but i’ve found a different word. hopefully it’ll turn out better… fingers crossed! you can check out my first attempt here. 🀞🏼🀞🏼🀞🏼 ***** rivulets flow, twining around each other- a fluid, graceful pleat,bubbling and gurgling, they glide briskly along the leat,the millContinue reading “diminishing verse- an attempt, pt. 2!”

GAH! 50 Followers?!

ahaaahaahahahah!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE! it’s been about a month since i started this blog, and i’m sosososo glad that i reached 50 followers so soon! it took me a solid four months to reach 50 on my other blog, so i was pretty shook when i received this notification. thank you, everyone. thankContinue reading “GAH! 50 Followers?!”

site title! help me?

yep. i need help. so, some of y’all may have noticed that i changed my site and tagline. but i don’t like it too much… maybe help me pick a new name? i’m a bit lost here… any suggestions are appreciated! feel free to comment. ❀️❀️❀️ thank you very very very much! have a greatContinue reading “site title! help me?”

yay! 25 followers!!

isn’t that amazing? it seems less, but i’m REALLY proud. even on Science-tastic! i celebrated the first 25, then the next 25, then every 50. i started perhaps if we focus on the rose… little over a month ago, and today we’re at 25?! awesome! thank you! thank you to all the people who’ve stuckContinue reading “yay! 25 followers!!”

impromptu post- describing the rain!

okay, before we begin- this is NOT fiction. the rain here right now is KA-RAY-ZEE, and everything’s flooded- so much so that stepping out of my house is impossible. my entire compund’s flooded! 🌊🌊🌊 i, personally, enjoy the rain- the term “ombrophile” is used for plants who flourish in rainy weather. i think i’m anContinue reading “impromptu post- describing the rain!”

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