November Waits [two haiku] — the blighters rock {Wordy Wednesdays}

Hey there!! How are you guys? Last week, I introduced a new blog section- Wordy Wednesdays. Well, welcome to Pt. 2 of Wordy Wednesdays. I stumbled upon this AWESOME haiku on the blighters rock… read it- it’s amazing!! Short and minimalistic, but the images that popped into my head were Vivid™. Anyways, hope you likeContinue reading “November Waits [two haiku] — the blighters rock {Wordy Wednesdays}”

Cobblestoned Streets — Magic and Mirage {Wordy Wednesdays}

Hi, guys!! So, I’m thinking of a new blog section… Wordy Wednesdays. Whenever I think there’s a blogger who wrote a really great bit of poetry/prose or something similar, I just go ahead and reblog it!! {With permission, of course} Anyway, it probably won’t be a weekly thing. Here’s today’s reblog! It’s a really reallyContinue reading “Cobblestoned Streets — Magic and Mirage {Wordy Wednesdays}”


what sound does a star make when it dies?is it a haunting scream- or a soft sigh?their lights fizzle out, burning slowly,leaving behind a darkened sky. the heavens would be deathly silent,devoid of the song the stars once sang,but science can tell us what really happens-it’s a supernova- and a loud bang! ***** eh. i’mContinue reading “supernova!”

writing prompts- part 2!

hey everyone! welcome to the second part of this series. you can find the first bit here. i wrote a poem {again}. sorry; i find it hard to write prose based upon writing prompts. i’ll try for the next one, promise! once again, this features art done by my friends. i have super talented buddies!Continue reading “writing prompts- part 2!”

writing prompts- part one.

hey y’all! lately, i ran out of things to write about. the words didn’t come to me. it’s hard to explain- and whatever i managed to pen seemed empty and gray. i like my words to be an expression of what i feel, and… ugh, i don’t know. doesn’t matter. well, i got desperate. soContinue reading “writing prompts- part one.”

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